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Liquid Multi Vitmain Spray

Vitamins are vital nutrients

, necessary for life and the prevention of disease. They are designed to help the mental as well as physical development of a child. In addition, multivitamins protect children from infections as well as providing them with proper nervous system capability. A good multivitamin should provide a convenient way to take a variety of supplemental nutrients from a single product in order to prevent a vitamin deficiency. There are hundreds of children multivitamin supplement products on the market, and choosing the best multivitamin for your children can be confusing. Pure Kidz can help lessen the confusion with their Children's Multivitamin Spray. Pure Kidz MultiVitamin Spray is a comprehensive formula specifically developed for children.

Pure Kidz Children's MultiVitamin Spray

is an all natural, great tasting, convenient and fun spray. The method of delivery eliminates the awkwardness and difficulty of swallowing a capsule or tablet.

- Antioxidant protection from Vitamin A and C

- Enhances Energy Levels Comprehensive Formula

- Naturally Sweetened

- Natural Flavor


provides powerful anti-oxidant protection which safely converts into vitamin A as your body needs it. Vitamin A improves vision & helps slow the development of acne.

Vitamin C

is required for at least 300 metabolic functions in the body, including tissue & growth repair, adrenal gland function, & the production of anti-stress hormones. Studies have shown that Vitamin C supplementation can reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Vitamin D

improves absorption and utilization of Calcium and Phosphorous; required for bone and teeth formation. Vitamin D also helps maintain a stable nervous system and normal heart action.

Vitamin B complex

Optimized levels of B vitamins that encompass USP standards. This contains the highly absorbable form of Vitamin B-12 (methylcobalamin), a potent energizer. B-12 promotes nervous system health, helps alleviate mood swings, reduces stress, regulates sleep patterns and reduces homocysteine levels.

Pure Kidz Children's MultiVitamin Spray

Item #72001

Children's MultiVitamin Spray
Vitamins from the "B" group may help stimulate a child's immune system and help in the conversion of food into energy. Plus, they are essential elements necessary for healthy physical growth as well as a healthy nervous & digestive system. Also, Vitamin B's are essential compounds necessary for the normal functioning of the brain as well as the formation of red blood cells.

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