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Pure Kidz Protien Power

Pure Kidz Protein Power

was formulated with the active child in mind. Protein Power is a great source of protein for children or anyone who feels the need to supplement additional protein into their diet. Through extensive research and development, Pure Kidz has produced one of the most bio-available and complete proteins ever formulated into a powder. Protein Power contains a powerful and versatile amino acid profile that just can?t be found in any other protein mix. Comprised only with natural ingredients, Protein Power provides unmatched levels of amino acids and may enhance accelerated recovery time, immunity and intestinal health. Protein Power's unique protein blend contains an exclusive amino acid profile from Whey, Grain, & Legume Protein. This proprietary combination offers a superior amino acid profile that surpasses whey protein alone. Protein Power?s tri-blend protein matrix contains an optimal level of branch chain & essential amino acids, providing the building blocks to manufacture hormones and proteins, while maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails.

The Tri-Blend Protein Blend From Whey (milk), Rice & Pea Proteins.

Pure Kidz Protein Power

Item #72002

Children's Protein Powder

Whey protein

provides a number of benefits in areas including sports nutrition, weight management, immune support, bone health, and general wellness. Protein Power contains an exclusive source of biological milk compounds called MicrolactinTM. MicrolactinTM has been clinically proven to promote healthy joint function and speed recovery time. It may also help decrease joint pain and stiffness, while significantly improving mobility and range of motion. The whey protein used in this formula contains a minimal amount of lactose, making it ideal for lactose intolerant diets.

Pea protein isolate

is a unique blend of protein derived from yellow pea?s Pisum sativum. This isolated form of pea protein contains an impressive ratio of essential and non-essential amino acids, which make it a complete source of protein. The leucine, isoleucine and valine levels are higher in pea protein than in other vegetable proteins, and are comparable with those in milk and egg proteins. These branched chain amino acids are an interesting ingredient in sport foods, due to the fact that they might allow muscle tissue maintenance during intense exercise. Since exercise breaks down cellular tissue, the amino?s leucine, isoleucine, and valine are critical to the rebuilding process, working together to assist the healing of muscle tissue, skin and connective tissue.

Rice protein concentrate

is an outstanding nutritious protein source with an excellent amino acid profile. It is truly hypoallergenic, highly digestible and free from the allergens commonly associated with soy, egg, and other grains. Since it can be mixed with a spoon or shaker cup, Protein Power can be made into a rich and creamy shake virtually anywhere, eliminating the need for hand-held or bulky blenders. Protein Power can also be added to foods such as pancakes, muffins, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt or pudding. It can also be incorporated into your favorite fruit smoothie, while maintaining a balanced ratio of carbohydrates and protein.

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Pure Kidz Protein Power
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Pure Kidz Protein Power
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