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The Nutritional Foundation
    Children need a solid nutritional foundation in order for them to develop and grow each day. This is why its important to ensure that they are getting a balanced and nutrient rich diet. Unfortunately, with fast paced schedules and processed foods, many children may not be getting the recommended daily value of nutrients. In order to help meet these recommended daily values, Pure Kidz offers a simple and effective way to supplement these nutrients into your childs daily diet. The Pure Kidz line of dietary supplements can help provide the needed nutrition required to grow healthy and strong.
    Pure Kidz is committed in using the highest quality ingredients. No expenses were spared in developing the Pure Kids line. The integrity, authenticity, and validation of our raw materials are a fundamental factor in the quality of every Pure Kidz product. Strict guidelines and standard operating procedures are enforced in our facility. Our quality approach to developing our exclusive formulas begins with scientifically backed research, laboratory testing, and following the FDAs Good Manufacturing Practices listed under the FDAs Code of Federal Regulations. Pure Kidz is manufactured in an FDA regulated facility.
Free of known food allergens
    The incidence of food allergies appears to be increasing in children. With new research showing the correlation between allergic reactions to certain foods, it was our goal to produce a product that is free of known allergens. Pure Kidz products are truly pure. They are free of fillers, binders, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, wheat, egg, soy, gluten, nuts, starch and yeast. All Pure Kidz products are 100% animal free, making them suitable for our vegan community.
Ease of use
    With any supplement, its only useful if the child is willing to consume it. Children can be very particular about taste, texture or if they have to swallow a capsule or tablet. With Pure Kidz sprays, the delivery method is simple and fun. The sprays are fun, convenient, great tasting and can be used without water. All sprays are sugar free and are available in fun flavors such as natural grape, sour apple and fruit punch. They also eliminate the awkwardness and difficulty of swallowing a capsule or tablet. Just point and spray for your nutrients of the day Sunny the Sun. Pure Kidz also offers Protein Power & Protein Power Plus. Protein Power is a great source of protein for children or anyone who feels the need to supplement additional protein into their diet. Protein Power Plus is a comprehensive formula including essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and complete proteins. Protein Power is available in natural vanilla flavor and mixes instantly in water or juice. Protein Power is also 100% gluten free and vegan friendly.
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